7/19/14 – Wow, it’s been over a year.

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Well it’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything here.  I will try to remedy that.  Much has happened including, Retirement, several trips and recovery from surgery.  I’m with a gym now and go at least three times a week to work out which is aiding my recovery.

We’ve been on several trips since I retired, the last of which was a trip to Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  Many of the pictures are in my Travel / Colorado folder.  It was lots of fun and I hope to be adding much  more travel to this in the near future.  And…… Paris is coming in the fall so we’ll have an international component here 🙂

Stay tuned.




6/26/2013 – Beat up

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So I feel like I’ve had the snot beat out of me.  It all started in August of 2012 and just ended last Monday (hopefully).  I had the knee replacement from hell.  I developed a bone infection which meant that the knee had to be taken out and a six week course of IV antibiotics had to be self administered.  Then I had a couple of weeks to recoup followed by surgery on June 3rd to replace the knee again.  So far, so good.  Back to work part time at home starting next week.  Hopefully I can make the transition to full time quickly.

Of course, this kind of stuff saps the creative juices fer sure so I’ve not been doing anything photographically for the past six months.  I know I’m getting better because I’m wanting to get  back to it.  I’ll add some new stuff soon.

12/25/2012 – The best Christmas present

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From my eight year old Grandson Porter….. a really awesome camera for Grandpa.



12/11/2012 – Old Timey Greenwood Stuff

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My cousin Bob from Dallas just dropped on bomb on us.  He was going through some of his Moms old pictures and found a ton of old Greenwood stuff including lots of pictures of my sister that I’ve never seen before.  My sister Nancy, died before I was born.  Here’s an example of just a few.  Right, My Mom in 1943.  Left, my Dad George on the right some years before that.

.PTDC0039 PTDC0012

11/26/2012 – My Brother

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Brother Richard

What can I say…… it’s my brother comrad Richard.

November 23, 2012 – Social Commentary is not my usual Forte

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November 23, 2012 - Social Commentary is not my usual Forte

Social Commentary is not my usual Forte but I’ve had this picture floating around in the archives for awhile now and just got around to finishing it up. Yes, someone printed out a nice sign for this guy, I just made the type a bit larger 🙂

Been out of commission for awhile…… October 28th, 2012

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I had been working on several pieces just before I went in for knee replacement surgery August 29th.  Although I recovered quickly, I was not myself for quite awhile.  Six weeks out we went out to New Mexico for a long weekend which was nice but things still weren’t right.  Suddenly just yesterday, I had the urge to go down into the basement and start cutting matts and mounting pictures that have been laying around since August.  About half way through this mostly day long process I suddenly realized that I was back !!!!   Nice feeling.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been working on.

Me So Mad

Really, I'm Pissed

Wife, Mommy, Good Cook...

...I knit, sew and quilt my way through